US Open / Meeting Tim Cahill

Some more photos from when we went out to Queens for the baseball… I enjoyed taking some photos of the Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Park… it was really quite beautiful watching the sunset behind it for half an hour or so while Rob was on a work call!



On 27 August 2013, the day arrived that Rob was to meet Tim Cahill. We went to the Australian Pub where we were lucky enough to get a rather intimate evening with Timmy. Rob got his shirt signed and we also had (quite a long) convo with David Carney who is now also playing alongside Timmy in the New York Red Bulls. He was staying at the W in Hoboken so Rob gave him a good insight into the local area! It was all very entertaining. 20131008-202619.jpg

It was a real bromace 🙂 20131008-202644.jpg


That weekend on 31 Aug we went to the US Open! We saw Nadal and the Williams sisters play doubles among others. A great day! Although I would say Australia do it better 🙂 20131008-203107.jpg



The night after the tennis we went along to the NY Red Bulls soccer, it was a full day of sport!! Tim’s son sang the national anthem and everyone shed a tear 😉20131008-203208.jpg


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