Boston College & New York Marathon

As soon as September hit we were very quickly into Autumn, the leaves were awesome and halloween was fun. Our building had a list you could put your apartment number on if you were happy to accept trick or treaters, so we did. And boy did we get some adorable kids visiting!! Some parents taking their kids around even dressed up to fit the kid’s character, it was very cute! I wanted to take photos of them but thought it was probably a bit creepy. 20131215-154335.jpg


I had to sneak this photo in here to represent the time I spent working at C. Wonder in SoHo, lots of fun and met some lovely people. It was a little sad to get a grown up job and have to move on!


We were very kindly invited by Ali to go up to Boston for a Boston College football game. We took the train, and loved the whole tailgating experience! David was already in Boston for work so it was nice to catch up with him and have him join us at the game too. 20131215-154401.jpg

Inline images 1

Inline images 320131215-154422.jpg


The following day we were all back in NYC and went to Central Park to check out the New York Marathon finish line. We saw the first finishers for the men and women, they are definitely heroes. 20131215-154445.jpg

20131215-154459.jpgTime to get back on the treadmill I think!!


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