Brooklyn Flea Market / Prospect Park

A weekend at the end of August Rob and I had spent a day in Brooklyn, I was also working on a birthday photo project for Kate so some of these photos feature her! The market was great, full of amazing stuff and very little to no rubbish or tacky crap that most markets have – it was a real treasure trove!20131008-201936.jpg


We then went for a walk through Prospect Park which we hadn’t been through before. It was a super nice day so lots of people we out having picnics and some larger family reunion celebrations as well which were quite entertaining – one in particular where they all had matching family reunion t-shits.

Anyway, I digress. We bought a little picnic from a deli and had a nice lay out in the sun. So did Kate. 20131008-202010.jpg


We met up with these cute swans, Rob turned into the Swan Whisperer! Best friends! 20131008-202033.jpg

A few days later we happened upon this costume / halloween decoration place, it was pretty big20131008-202044.jpg

…some of the costumes were really tasteful and wholesome 🙂20131008-202055.jpg

On the way out to Queens to see the baseball at the Mets Stadium with Hayden and Ali I took some (bad) photos of Five Pointz (, graffiti mecca of NYC. It’s due for demolition sometime soon for development, so I hope to make a proper trip out there before it happens, it’s pretty huge. It’s all curated and they do tours as well. 20131008-202105.jpgMore to come…


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