Girls come to NYC

The long awaited arrival of Shelley and Gemma was finally upon us and it was a real treat to play around the city together!

Here is a rather disjointed and incomplete representation of our adventures.

San Genarro festival in Little Italy… drinks on Standard rooftop…


New York Library with an adorable exhibition on Children’s books, this has been a favourite of all visitors since! The original Winnie the Pooh teddies… original artwork from many books including Little Toot and the Hungry Caterpillar, it was so nostalgic! I had to get a photo in a life-size set of my favourite book growing up, Goodnight Moon. 20131215-150414.jpg

Cute girl’s night in, Sex and the City Tour, cosmo’s at Aiden’s bar… trendy times in stores20131215-150425.jpg

We had a delightful Wholefoods picnic in Central Park, Shelley was our cocktail mixologist!20131215-150524.jpg

Sunday morning at Smorgasburg food market in DUMBO, Brooklyn, there was also a sweet art fair on. 20131215-150536.jpg

We shopped…. Chelsea Markets, meatpacking etc… Macaroons ice cream sandwiches were a favourite!20131215-150552.jpg

Shelley fell in love on the subway…

We started a bike gang and rode around Central Park…

Found random things…20131215-150612.jpg

The End!


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