Walking in parks / Lego / Irish Hunger Memorial

This update is a bit overdue, so I’m starting back a few weeks ago when we had Heather finish up her stay with us and Rob and I did some exploring around the Financial District before Vanessa arrived (next post!).

We were at Jefferson Market Garden which still remains one of my favorites, it’s small but so well looked after and I love the pond! Huge lilies were blooming.20130812-164810.jpg

We also went through Madison Square Park where the Orly Genger rope installation is. It’s colourful and a pretty fun addition to the park in my opinion! 20130812-164817.jpg

At Rockerfeller Center we popped into the lego store (Rob’s favorite). 20130812-164824.jpg

They have these mini dioramas of all the icons of the city that are pretty cute, street basketball above and others below…20130812-164832.jpg

Rockerfeller Plaza below, everything has been a bit busier since school summer holidays started, kids and prams everywhere! Compulsory Rockerfeller stop by Magnolia… and onto nearby Bryant Park. It’s nice and relaxing in the summer, and ice skating rink in the winter, I am looking forward to that already.20130812-164841.jpg

The Louis Vuitton windows on 5th Ave are particularly awesome at the moment, gold dinosaur skeletons carrying handbags.20130812-164848.jpg

We spent time with Heather in Central Park, great day for it, Big Bird was making the most of it too…20130812-164855.jpg

At the end of The Mall in Central Park you get to Bethesda Terrace, the underpass you walk through has its ceiling covered in beautiful tiling, it’s all lit up so at night it looks great too. Many a Gossip Girl scene was filmed here!20130812-164905.jpg

After walking past the Bethesda fountain we went onto the sailboat pond where you can hire remote control sail boats. There wasn’t much wind the day we went, but Rob still have it a red hot go. 20130812-164917.jpg

We also enjoyed a lovely dinner with Heather at the Boathouse, and on her last morning we went to Buddy’s in Hoboken and stocked up for morning tea.20130812-164925.jpg

The following weekend I went along with Rob to help him set up for a conference in the financial district. Afterwards we went for a stroll and found the Irish Hunger Memorial in Battery Park City. It raises awareness for the Great Irish Famine that killed nearly 1 Million people over 7 years from 1845 – 1852.

We had no idea this was here!

It’s a replica of an Irish farm, I believe they even brought plants and vegetation from Ireland, and also rebuilt an Irish cottage.

It’s so well designed (by Brian Tolle), and the quotes lit up all over the walls are thought provoking. The view from the top of the memorial looks out over the water to the Statue of Liberty.  20130812-164936.jpg

Quotes and cottage details…20130812-164943.jpg

Next to the memorial is another beautiful garden, Nelson A. Rockerfeller Park, and pond area – ducks and koi, yay. This area is really pretty. 20130812-164951.jpg

That’s all for now, more to come soon.


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