Atlantic City!

We decided to spend one Saturday night in Atlantic City, we had some hotel credit points that needed using, so we hopped on the bus down to The AC as the locals call it. The bus was about a 2.5 hour journey, but had rather horrific wait times lining up both ways which really made the whole thing take 5 hours each way, next time we’re going anywhere we are getting the train! The bus did have a silver lining to it but you’ll need to read on to hear about that…

We were relieved to finally be there, and fell into the arms of our favorite Jimmy Buffet themed restaurant Margaritaville which was on the main boardwalk. 20130813-142245.jpg

  1. Rob not impressed on the bus
  2. Trump Taj Mahal on the boardwalk
  3. The Borgata Hotel & Casino where we stayed, nice and shiny
  4. Walkway to the fun park off the boardwalk

I need to include a photo from Beaches… I had Under the Boardwalk and The Glory of Love in my head all weekend!


(Side note: OMG This is Mayim Bialik as in from The Big Bang Theory, I never put that together!!)

Anyway back to reality…

  1. Margaritaville
  2. No gambling advertising restrictions here! Sign on Revel Casino.
  3. Gold foil installation in the atrium of Revel
  4. HUGE escalator of Revel Casino – apparently people have died falling down this so we held on tight! This man got a broken leg. So they have a security person at the bottom making sure all the drunk people take the elevator. No joke.


  1. Awesome, giant scallops
  2. Beach
  3. Boardwalk
  4. Mural of the Diving Horse show that used to be on the Boardwalk in the 1920s. They would make the horses jump 60 foot into a pool, which is pretty mean in my opinion! There was also the movie about it called Wild Hearts Can’t be Broken… anyway moving on…


  1. We never say no to a tourist photo prop! This guitar at the House of Blues.
  2. Rob stands up on the surfboard table at a bar… we leave soon after
  3. We managed to go to AC on the weekend no good shows were on, except for Miss’d America – a drag queen pageant!
  4. Rob shows interesting air guitar skills.

Probably the funniest part of the whole weekend (and the silver lining to taking the bus) was that we got two $25 vouchers from the bus company to use at Showboat Casino on a slot machine of our choice. I lost all of mine quite quickly as you would expect, but Rob somehow pulled off a $280 WIN! What the hell! We took the money and ran. Anyway so that put us in a good mood for the rest of the evening and we enjoyed a few dinners and had some funny adventures walking around the many casinos.


  1. Trump Taj Mahal at night
  2. Slot machines
  3. Mum & Dad, I PROMISE we are not at a strip club, this is just the regular entertainment at the AC, I can’t help it
  4. Theme park

Just a few more shots of the Taj Mahal, it really was the most ridiculous, over the top place. Oh Trumpy!



On the Sunday morning we went for a final walk along the Boardwalk and had a quick visit to the beach before we had to line up for the bus. Rob modelled his new beach bag idea…20130813-142329.jpg

We waved goodbye to the AC and headed back to actual civilization. One night was plenty!


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