Staten Is. Ferry / Brooklyn Bridge / Central Park

While Visal and Lisa (and the baby inside Lisa’s tummy!) were visiting in August we all got the Staten Island Ferry on a sunny day. A much nicer day than when I went with Mum and Dad and the weather turned into a windy rainstorm half way through! 20131008-195038.jpg

Awesome sandcastle art – this was actually before we got on the Ferry in the Financial District, so awesome.

Later on we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge20131008-195057.jpg

After we got across the bridge we walked through Brooklyn Bridge Park…


We saw some interesting characters, including this man (who was very comfortable with his body) catching some rays on the lawn… a hilarious photo but I must warn you it’s not G rated!


During a visit to Central Park we saw the giant bubble man (my favorite) during a walk down The Mall. We then got a rowboat and enjoyed super nice sunny weather and spotted adorable turtles!! 20131008-195126.jpg


We caught up with Alex over lunch and went up the Belvedere Castle in Central Park.


When we went to get the subway home, we spotted a family of Racoons as we were walking over the bridge to exit near Stawberry Fields / John Lennon’s apartment – they were super adorable!

I think I’m out of chronological order here, but we did enjoy a big breakfast at Cowgirl (a mandatory visitor meal).


It was so lovely having V Man and Lisa stay and we look forward to meeting the baby face to face someday soon!


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