Katz’s / Harlem / Chelsea Market

Midway through August ago Rob and I found ourselves at Katz’s Deli, actually by accident. We had already had dinner but a few hours later and we were ready for round two! Katz’s is the place where Harry Met Sally was filmed and the famous scene ‘I want what she’s having’. We shared a pastrami sandwich, which is apparently indeed ‘what she was having’. It broke a long meat eating ban for me but was definitely worth it. And the mustard! Oh the mustard was delicious.

We somehow also scored the very table where Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan sat! A very New York diner, loved it. 20130822-154453.jpg

You can also ‘Send A Salami to Your Boy In the Army’! How convenient! We also took home a Cinnamon Babka, which was some kind of extremely delicious cinnamon bread cakey goodness. YUM. I have really been kicking my ass at the gym this week. 20130822-154500.jpg

Discovered this little shop in the West Village, the most amazing collection of mid century art glass and Scandinavian ceramics from the 1920s to the 60s. AMAZING. Everything was pretty pricey (ie. very pricey) as it should be, so we didn’t pick anything up but admired until we had to leave becuase Rob was scared he was going to knock something over… a domino effect in this store would be financially crippling. 20130822-154509.jpg

Check out these beautiful flamingos!!! 20130822-154515.jpg

We had the gorgeous Visal and Lisa (and baby in tummy!) staying with us. We spent their last day on the highline with a good looking ice cream sandwich… then we moved upstairs to the Standard Hotel Rooftop for a drink. Below is a cool car and the Disco Ball Spa room at the Standard…20130822-154522.jpg


We headed up to Harlem… saw the legendary Apollo Theatre where Metallica are playing in a month! But back in the day all the legends played back in the day, Duke Ellington, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown, even people like Mariah Carey and Lauren Hill played here.

We went to Sylvia’s for dinner to get some Soul Food… great for the soul but extremely crazy filling and full on – we are still recovering! Candied Yams (sweet potato) were amazing but so desserty like a pie filling, and I was eating it with fish! Lots of fun though. The others had ribs, fried chicken with waffles which is a classic.20130822-154537.jpg

Earlier this week I went to Chelsea Market, my first proper visit. It’s so good why have we walked right past it so many times! It’s home to heaps of fabulous food stores and markets, had some amazing vegan sushi at Sushi and Beyond, so super tasty (making up for Katz’s!). We definitely have to come back here and spend more time, I think there’s also a flea market in there somewhere. 20130822-154545.jpg

Eleni’s New York is a great cookie store in the market… I restrained but will buy up next time I think. Loved the cookie boxes below…20130822-154552.jpg


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