Walking NYC with VW

A couple of weeks ago we had Vanessa come and visit for just under a week, so we fit in as much as we could, she also gets bonus points for showing little to no signs of jet lag, so we were off and running.

Rob was out of town at a conference so he only joined us on the last day. We started in Times Square, we went to the Body Worlds exhibition at the Discovery Center (the horse was on view in Times Square, you get the idea, bodies with no skin on), it was surprisingly thoughtful and included a lot about the importance of keeping healthy. It showed the literal affects that sun, sugar, cigarettes etc have on the body…. we ate salad for lunch that day! But then also swung by Magnolia Bakery to have a cup cake in central park…oops.

The last photo below is Vanessa getting fitted for hiking gear, hehe20130812-173655.jpg

Flatiron building… Madison Square Park… and Eataly, yum yum!20130812-173702.jpg

A couple of photos I stole from Vanessa’s collection… Flat Iron Building…


We skipped through the Financial District and had a cuddle with the Bull…


A crazy man hand feeding birds and even squirrels in Washington Square Park (there is a squirrel on his arm and a bird on his head, RABIES ANYONE??)…

Baby Hulk street art on Mulberry Street in Little Italy, aptly titled ‘Temper Tot’…

A permanent designer / handmade market called The Market NYC on Bleeker Street…

and the steps from Law and Order.20130812-173710.jpg

We walked across the Brooklyn bridge back to Manahattan (for the best view), visited Grand Central Station and Bryant Park.20130812-173716.jpg

We visited MoMa of course, Applied Design is one of my fav collections there. The gold blow up cube below is called the Basic House, an idea from a Barcelona artist for housing for the homeless, it can fold up into your pocket. It also looks awesome.

The third pic is of a video of guys sweeping rubbish in a clock formation so it actually tells the time.

And the Eames chairs are always a favorite too. 20130812-173725.jpg

More from MoMA…20130812-173731.jpg

We spent Vanessa’s final morning at Top of the Rock, Rob joined us. When it comes to summiting buildings in New York, Top of the Rock is definitely our preference over the Empire, you get to actually see the Empire from Top of the Rock and also get a super impressive view of Central Park. Plus they do timed tickets so you don’t have to line up for half a day! 20130812-173738.jpg

This mural is in the foyer of the Rockerfeller Centre, very impressive… the receptionist is right below this and is totally dwarfed by it20130812-173747.jpg

We squeezed in a visit to John Lennon’s apartment (where he was assassinated) and the Imagine mosaic in Central Park. A rather awkward photo as there are heaps of tourists all around waiting for their turn, pressure was on.


It was great whipping around the city, my legs are still recovering, come back soon Ness!


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