NYC Pride

Sunday 30 June was NYC Pride March and it was quite the spectacle!! Empire turned rainbow and the sun was out for a super HOT weekend, the day before you can see Washington Square Park fountain became a public pool… tempted to jump in but pretty sure the bacteria in there would have been pretty nasty!



Found ourselves near the Standard Hotel so we popped up to the rooftop I’d heard about for a quick drink, great views! Also below is the Kate Spade pop-up window shop, there is no inside, you buy from the touch screen on the window and they do free delivery in 1 hour, pretty cool!20130706-102716.jpg

The Stonewall Inn is known as the place that the gay rights movement started in New York after a police raid that happened here in 1969. The parade went right by here of course. It was absolutely packed, lots of colour, some amazing costumes and party atmosphere!! 20130706-102730.jpg

We sat up on a window sill in Christopher St and watched… so so so many people! Just a few days earlier The Supreme Court voted 5-4 ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) the lady that spearheaded the case was Edie Windsor who was one of the grand marshalls of the parade… there was lots to celebrate and it was certainly a fun celebration to see!20130706-102752.jpg


Here’s a very quick video to include some of the noise and action…

We then headed off on the Long Island Railroad to pick up Heather from JFK… more to come.

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