Yankee Stadium / NY Red Bulls / Ghostbusters

On Friday night last week we went to see a Tim Cahill movie, part of the ‘Kicking and Screening’ soccer film festival in Tribeca, (yes, it was Rob’s idea!) We ran into Timmy on the subway on the way…20130628-095547.jpg

Afterwards we headed out to Brooklyn to see Simian Mobile Disco for a dancing good time (thanks Nish!)

The following day we were lucky enough to have David passing through NYC for 24 hours, so we made the most of it and met out at Yankee Stadium for a day at the baseball along with Hayden and Ali. It was a super nice sunny day and much like the cricket in terms of the momentum so there was a lot of socialising going on. Amongst it all the Yankees got up so it was nice to have a win on the first day of being a supporter (I even bought a cap). I need to practice singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game though, everyone stands up and sings it every game at the end of the 7th innings..!20130628-100647.jpg


We all went out to STK for a super delicious dinner, we nearly had a problem with Rob wearing shorts but snuck him through 🙂 20130628-100719.jpg

The following morning after a walk up the Highline Garden with David we walked back down along the Hudson River and popped into this little market near Chelsea Piers at Pier 57 that have these cool pop-up shops (everyone loves a pop-up shop) and big shipping containers you could walk through with blackboard walls!20130628-100735.jpg

We walked past the actual Ghostbuster’s fire station… and then bid David farewell!20130628-100748.jpg


  1. That night we went to Pier A in Hoboken (around the corner from us) as the New York Red Bulls (soccer team) were having a big screening of the game at the park… lots of people as it had been a super nice sunny day, heaps of activities for kids and beer for the grown ups!
  2. A huge cruise liner came past and completely blocked out the city…
  3. Then just on Wednesday night we had one last night with my mum and dad when they came back through after their trip North through Boston/Maine etc, mexican dinner and sangria was the order of the day!
  4. I consider 4th of July outfits….?!

Pier A Park NY Red Bulls panorama…20130628-100902.jpg

That’s all for now 🙂

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