Woodstock baby, into the woods…

We had an action packed week with Mum and Dad in town, after some torrential NYC rain for their first day and night, we escaped the city for the weekend and headed up to Woodstock (the music festival’s namesake, but we all know the actual festival was held an hour and a half away) in the Catskill Mountains, about 2 hours drive North-ish from NYC. It was lovely to see a new area and get  amongst the trees. We hired a cute house in the woods that Rob and I are already conspiring to head out to in winter, snow in the woods would be fun!

(Ian is asleep)


I liked the fortune I got from a fortune cookie at the restaurant… very fitting for me right now! Rob got blessed by a bear, we hung out in the hippy shops of Woodstock.20130623-153504.jpg

More Woodstock sights… plus a peanut filling cupcake!20130623-153515.jpg

Woodstock Flea Market was on… Duncan’s love flicking through vinyl!20130623-153523.jpg

The house we stayed in had access to a private pond just down the hill, very cute and peaceful! We were lucky enough to see many deer and bears (!!) during these walks… photos are not really worth including as they don’t do them justice at all. 20130623-153531.jpg

We cooked up a pumpkin soup feast and had fires outside and inside…20130623-153539.jpg

On the Sunday we walked to Kaaterskills Falls… we took about a 1 hour detour but made it their eventually! These people had a good picnic spot….20130623-153545.jpg

We stopped in at the Last Chance Restaurant for lunch in Tannersville… it had adorable old school produce, lollies (or candy I should say), beer, maple syrup, giant cookies and brownies etc. The bar top was covered in beer caps.20130623-153556.jpg

Why stop eating when you can just keep eating?!?! Dinnertime!


We said goodbye to the trees and headed home… Lots more pics to come of our trip to the Hampton’s and other giant walks around the city, I am catching up on wading through a billion photos so STANDBY! x

One thought on “Woodstock baby, into the woods…

  1. Yea lots of fun!! Loved the guy at the Woodstock market who knew the Go Betweens from Brisbane! Told him about the new bridge there named after them.X

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