London Town!

We did a quick trip to London over last weekend, but managed to fit a LOT in with the help of our hosts and tour guides Ross and Kate, so there are many photos to include!

We managed to get into the super fancy Virgin Clubhouse at Newark which was a real treat, the sit down restaurant and cocktail bars made for a good start to our journey.


After a quick nap we went for a walk, enjoyed an english pub lunch and a pimms in the sun (yes sun!!)…20130605-191820.jpg

We went to meet Ross and Kate at a bar that had a great view of St Pauls… you can just see the London Eye in the background too.

photo 1

The following day we went to Borough Market, so so much good food! I had to include this many photos to try and convey the selection… we ate several days worth of food that morning and to finish, we battled the crowds for lamingtons and brownies we washed down with a jug of Pimms, of course.





After the market we went on a stroll around the river and city (ie. Pub Crawl that went into the night).20130605-191848.jpg

  1. London Bridge
  2. …and again
  3. sweet couch I spied
  4. Ten Bells pub, where that Jack the Ripper apparently found two of the prostitutes before he murdered them!

Amazing dog… do not mess with him


Street art and shop windows in Shoreditch


That evening we went onto have Indian for dinner on Brick Lane where Rob bargained a good deal with free wine and beer, this is how it’s done. The only photo I have is of a very messy table cloth at the end.

The following day after some recovery yum cha…


…we went on a boat up the canal from Little Venice to Camden Markets, it was super cute. Lots of people live on these boats, some are dingy and others look really pretty with lots of potted plants and fancy paint work. 20130605-191912.jpg

A few random shots of Camden market, hard to capture, very big and windy, millions of people…20130605-191920.jpg

The market is made up of several markets that merge together, the largest part being the Horse Stables Market, these are the huge bronze statues of horses…20130605-191925.jpg

Rob then headed back to NYC (a day earlier than me). I went out for a walk back in Notting Hill to spy through windows of fancy houses and colourful ones too, which I LOVE!20130605-191934.jpg

Then went for a walk through Holland Park which was beautiful on this sunny afternoon (very lucky with this weather!). I had been wanting to get into all of the gated private gardens obviously to no avail, so Kate pointed me in this direction! The Opera is located in the middle, so music was floating around, hipsters were throwing frisbees and lots of people kissing, like, a LOT! Romance was in the air.


photo 2

Kyoto Garden, very pretty, awesome waterfall, and Koi!20130605-191949.jpg

I had a spare morning by myself with Ross and Kate back at work and Rob back in NYC, so I took myself out for a refresher of London sights, I was 6 years old last time I was here so didn’t feel like I could leave without doing the rounds.

Views from the top of the double decker are exciting for a short person! Bottom right is Royal Albert Hall. 20130605-191955.jpg

I literally walked into a Marching Band right next to Buckingham Palace, those guys are intense! LOVED the very handsome horses, so well decked out, even better than me in my Pony Club days.20130605-192010.jpg

photo 3


Above we have…

  1. Wellington Arch
  2. Canada Gate
  3. View down The Mall
  4. Admiralty Arch

Walked through Trafalgar Square….

photo 420130605-192024.jpg

  1. Nelson Column
  2. Fountain (National Gallery in the background)
  3. Mermaid statue
  4. Bronze sculpture of a boy on a rocking horse – this was only installed last year. Originally the plinth was designed to have an equestrian statue of King William IV atop it, I like this version though!20130605-192037.jpg
  1. Victoria Embankment Gardens (on the North side of the Thames, opp London Eye)
  2. London Eye
  3. Big Ben
  4. Westminster Abbey

Then it was time to jump back on the plane and head home. It was a great whirlwind trip and we squeezed a lot in.

In other news, my parents are with us now and we have a couple of good short trips out and about in NY planned, so those photos will be coming soon!

Bye bye x


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