Memorial Day / Coney Island / Bicycles

We have just had Memorial Day Weekend here, basically like USA version of ANZAC Day. Empire was red white and blue all weekend, this photo is a bit of a hack, taken holding my iphone up to the telescope.


We swung by Times Square for Rob to check out the Star Wars Lego display, a ‘life-size’ model of the X wing star fighter…I thought Yoda stole the show. 20130528-162100.jpg

Then I took some photos of people I didn’t know with the Lego, I found this quite funny, it’s my new thing 🙂20130528-162108.jpg

Saturday morning had miserable weather, but we had breaky in the west village at a place called cowgirl with sweet horses in the windows. Then we walked all over the place down to Brooklyn Bridge. On the way I came across the Lomography store which made me wish I had a disposable income! 20130528-162114.jpgSome more sights from the walk…20130528-162120.jpg

  1. Popcorn Artisans store – do you see that menu on the blackboard? Ginger Caramel popcorn come to mama! This photo is to remind me to go back here.
  2. Some sweet terrariums
  3. …with a nice window display too
  4. Amazing chandelier in a bookstore that also had an extremely good stationery section.

Then we got the subway down to Coney Island, it really was not ideal weather to go to a seaside location, but we had the time so thought why not!20130528-162125.jpg

  1. This is the Nathan’s store where they hold the annual Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Competition on Independence Day. Rob is very keen to witness this cultural event firsthand, so you can expect those photos in just over a month’s time!
  2. Part of the boardwalk with the theme park right behind. It’s about ready to be reopened for summer after repairing from Hurricane Sandy, it got totally smashed.
  3. Wind and rain meant we had the beach to ourselves! Lifeguard still on duty though.
  4. Ferris wheel

When then went back into the city to a Mexican place for dinner where Ali met us, it turned into a rather festive night so Sunday was a little quiet!

Some random pics…20130528-162131.jpg

  1. Cheese in a can?! This exists. I thought powdered parmesan that could go unrefrigerated was bad but this takes it to another level!
  2. Hoboken War Memorial all dressed up for Memorial Day
  3. Babies are growing up
  4. Sunday night our whole building was evacuated after midnight because there was a gas leak in an apartment. All ok in the end, they had a nice truck.

Monday was actual Memorial Day and we had planned to hire bikes and go on a cycling adventure, which we did! We rode up the Jersey side of the Hudson, across George Washington Bridge and back down the NYC side – 39km all up! Perfect weather and saw some great parts of the city we wouldn’t have otherwise. 20130528-162137.jpg

  1. Bike Gang
  2. View of the city from Jersey side
  3. View down the Hudson after just having crossed GW Bridge, nice tree-y view
  4. View back over the bridge

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 5.44.46 PM



  1. Riding through Central Park
  2. Quick stop for hotdogs and cheese pretzels, probably full of that cheese in a can I was just whinging about!
  3. Aircraft Carrier, Rob’s favorite
  4. Central Park was packed!


That’s all for now, excited to go to London this weekend and see Ross and Kate! Bye Bye!

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