Canada / Visa run / Ottawa

After only having slept one night in our new apartment (and spending hours putting together IKEA furniture getting RSI from allen key use), on Sunday morning we left home to make the 7 hour road trip to Ottawa. The mission was to renew our Visas which has to be done out of the USA, so Canada it was! …and here we still are.

Just across the border we went up this tower to get a view of the 1000 Islands which was super windy – seriously the most extreme wind I have ever known.


  1. That’s a Dunkin Donut, ‘America Runs on Dunkin’ dontchya know…
  2. Rob at the Canadian border
  3. View of 1000 Islands from the tower
  4. …and again

I have been out and about seeing the sites of Ottawa while Rob has been working away, occasionally he makes it out of the hotel room too. Being the capital of Canada it’s full of parliamentary buildings, all very pretty and surrounded by the Ottawa River.


  1. Center Block of Parliament Hill featuring the Peace Tower
  2. View of Ottawa River from behind Parliament buildings
  3. and again…
  4. Library of Parliament – this is beautiful Gothic Revival architecture

At Nancy Duncan’s suggestion (among others) we went to Beaver Tails which sell pastries in the shape of beaver’s tails and have various toppings… Rob went for Garlic and Cheese, I went for Cinnamon and Sugar. Super tasty beavery goodness!20130515-182716.jpg

We had our visa appointment on Tuesday which saw us enjoying a good 3 hours waiting in lines! All seemed to go well just waiting for the passports to be ready so we can head back home, extending the hotel night by night at the moment, we are hoping they’re ready tomorrow. 20130515-182725.jpg

After we were released from the embassy I popped into some really nice furniture home wares shops just opposite.  Still not cheap but this kind of stuff is a lot more affordable here than at home. Unfortunately still not affordable for the unemployed though!20130515-182731.jpg

Various sights around the place…20130515-182739.jpg

  1. Mickey mouse
  2. Sweet chair
  3. Excellent paper store… tempted to go back and buy some of these wrapping papers to frame, maps, botanical posters etc
  4. Cute cookies

Various monuments around Parliament Hill…20130515-182747.jpg

  1. The Victoria Tower Bell – history: is the only relic remaining from the Victoria Tower. It was cast in 1875 and installed in the tower in 1877. The bell fell from the tower during the Centre Block fire of 1916.
  2. Queen Vic II riding her horse
  3. and 4. Women are Persons statues that show the Five Alberta women who fought to have Canadian women recognized constitutionally as “persons” who were able to be named to the Senate. They were cuties with their tea and all.

These are the locks of the Rideau Canal going out into Ottawa River..20130515-182807.jpg

  1. Locks
  2. Tiny Rob on locks
  3. Locks
  4. Tiny Nat on Locks

My sweet photo looking over the Ottawa River, you can see the Library building in front of the main Parliament building. Naaice.


Tulips were POPPIN’ in the gardens, all the old ladies and I were going crazy taking pics of these beauties…20130515-182825.jpg

Today Rob was able to pop out of the hotel room briefly so we walked across the bridge to Gatineau (and at the time unknowingly walking across the border into Quebec!) and went to the Museum of Civilizations. 20130515-182838.jpg

  1. The museum was a cool building in itself
  2. I think this one was called First Hunter
  3. Massive totem poles from native villages in the Grand Hall
  4. Painting called Morning Star thats on the top of a dome roof

Ok that’s all for now, hopefully our passports are ready tomorrow so we can start the trip home!

Bye bye!

One thought on “Canada / Visa run / Ottawa

  1. Oooooh v nice photograpy Nat. Glad youve been able to have a good snoop around Ottawa! We love it. Good luck with the passports and permits! X

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